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Black Raisins


We personally own 25 acres of fertile land at Tasgaon, Sangli district, Maharashtra, which is famous for its excellent quality grapes. The climatic conditions like rainfall, humidity, temperature and soil texture are perfect in this area as well as the soil texture for the grape cultivation. We grow our own grapes but also we have a huge group of almost 100 agriculturist from the same area, who have joined hands for exchanging thoughts, keeping up with latest innovations in this field and providing best quality produce.

We personally are involved in buying the grapes in auctions, hence the quality of each batch of grapes is ensured. We deal in fresh grapes of all qualities, like green grapes, black grapes and flames, ie red grapes. The grapes are harvested, collected and stored at our cold storages. And as per the orders and the specification of clients, the grapes are sorted, packed and transported. The state of the art testing technologies are used at our end to ensure that our clients get the best quality of our produce.

Grapes from our facilities are ordered by all the main hyper markets throughout India and locally too. Along with our other produces, we are targeting Dubai for grapes too.


When good quality grapes are dried and processed, we get raisins, in Tasgaon and around, we have plants with art of the state machinery for this transformation.

Here, first, the best quality of grapes are dried on fine nets in the sun or sometimes in dehydrators, so that the natural sugars of grapes get concentrated in these raisins. Then these dried grapes are processed into final products, which transforms grapes into all types of raisins, like Golden, Golden yellow, Malyar A, Malyar AA, Malyar AAA etc. And then these raisins are stored in our cold storage.

As per the requirement of our clients, these raisins are then sorted on high tech machineries and packed and transported. All these processes are done under personal supervision to ensure perfect quality. We get orders for raisins from all over India and we have repeat customers. We are targeting Dubai too for the produce.

Black Raisins

Black Raisins

Green Gram (Moong)

We specialise in providing Green Beans, locally known as Moong. Approximately three metric tons of Moong is produced in India every year.

We get our Moong volume from the best moong producing area like, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan and of course locally from Maharashtra.

As per keeping in mind the huge requirements of Hyper Markets, we personally select the best quality of moong and order in bulk. Then they are stored with utmost care and transported all over India and abroad as per the requirements of the client.

Papaya / Papaws / Pawpaws

Tasgaon and adjoining area is famous for the Papayas. We have our own plants that produce Papayas more than few tons. Papaya is a year round crop and we deal in bulk orders for the same. Our products are ordered from Karnataka and Maharashtra, and we supply every order with best quality of papayas.

As per the distance covered to reach the final destination of order, the papayas packed are at different degree of rawness. Hence when our product reaches the final destination, they are properly appropriate for consumption. Papayas from our farms are ordered in bulk mostly for making pulp but also for personal consumption.

Though, we are at the moment, covering Karnataka and Maharashtra, in near future Dubai is where we will be exporting the Papayas.

Black Raisins


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