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DTL group is associated with leading textile manufactures from Solapur and Lucknow, which are hearts of textile in India. And together we are supplying variety of towels like beach towels, hand towels, kitchen towels and more.

We get our yarns from Tamil Nadu & Rajasthan, which is famous for its cotton and then it is worked upon and turned into fluffy, soft and super comfortable towels at Solapur and Lucknow, on their latest automatic looms.

We prepare 100 % cotton towels and polycarbon cotton mix also, as per the requirement of our client. The polycarbon mix is never more than 30 % ( poly carbon 30 %, cotton 70 %) , to give it a more manageable texture. We deliver super luxurious quality of Bath Towels, Cabana Towels, Popcorn Towels, Waffel Kitchen Towels and also White Popcorn Towels.

We export our towels to The United State Of America, United Kingdom, Dubai and Australia. We have our representatives in all these countries. Our clients are mainly hospitality industry as well as medical facilities. We have repeat clientele from all these places.

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Founders Profile

Mr. Sandip Salokhe

- Mechanical Engineer

Mr. Sandip Salokhe is a super influential person with strong industrial & academic achievements. He has bagged Gold medal in his life's treasure along with multiple other notable accomplishments which includes being an academic professor at different renowned colleges, being one of the first few entrepreneurs to introduce CNC technology in Kolhapur industry, engaging in manufacturing critical machined auto components for Multi National Companies & mostly importantly building genuine connections with every other person that he meets. He is inclined towards working on new & challenging projects & Dentflow is one of them.

Mr. Anirudha Kadam

- Mechanical Engineer

Mr. Anirudha Kadam is a young & dynamic entrepreneur with futuristic vision. He is a mechanical engineer and has started his own venture in 2014 right after his graduation. With a diverse vision and ample of knowledge he has expanded his work area into the world of textile and farming.

He is fun, adventurous and keeps interest in connecting with people and exchanging ideas. His aim in life is to leave India’s and Dentflow Technologies LLP’s footprint all across the globe!


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